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Wallpaper Design Trends

If you have been keeping up with our recent mood boards for the powder bathroom for our #countryclub project on Arden Avenue, you know we’ve been scouring the deep corners of the internet and local showrooms for the best wallpaper for this space.

Wallpaper has definitely been a hot topic of discussion around the office. As of late, we’re trying to incorporate more wallpaper into our projects. When we are sourcing wallpaper for a client, we want to make sure we’re installing something that compliments the space for years to come. What are the recent trends? We always look to our peers when we’re trying to get a feel for what’s really going on in the industry. Looking at other Interior Designer opinions on the matter over on House Beautiful, they predicted these major wallpaper trends.


When I think murals, I typically think of commercial spaces. Usually in a hotel lobby or local coffee shop. These murals that come to mind compliment the space and tell a story of a brand in one, non repeating jaw-dropping pattern. They have the ability to capture an essence of something, so why do we not see more of these in homes? A mural can be an extension of a family or individual. We love this idea of bringing murals into the space.

We decorated our youngest daughter’s bedroom with this world map mural from Murals Wallpaper. These colors turned out amazing in her bedroom.


Bold prints are making a come back. Large geometric patterns are making a come back in the design scene. Is it here to stay? Our thoughts: yes! I love bringing color and patterns into a space with wallpaper because it breaks up the conformity of painted walls. Selecting the right geometric pattern that fits within your color palette is a guaranteed win for lighting up a small space. We love to see these patterns in entry ways, mudrooms, powder bath’s and accent walls. We’re not completely sold on geometric patterns in larger rooms, but maybe we just need a client willing to experiment and change our mind.

Frontenac was a whole house renovation project we did back in 2016. This space has been a highlight for us in our career, as it was so sweet seeing the whole house come together. If you are wondering what project I’m referring to, find it’s mid century modern vibes here. We took this mid century modern inspired home and incorporated the slightest touch of pattern. Let us know what you think.

In this project, we used a geometric pattern in the entry way of the home. A muted color palette of navy with gold accents was the perfect touch in saying welcome when you entered this home.

New Chintz

In this article, Emily Henderson is quoted saying, “The world always needs more chintz” The more reading we do on this trend, it shows that they way to work with chintz is to take this classic traditional look and pair it with modern decor and furniture. We are still warming up to the idea… take a look at this chintz inspired wallpaper our client sourced in our #LakeHarriet entry way. It’s not quite chintz, but it’s the closest we’ve gotten to it in our past projects. Chintz originated with printed multicolored fabrics, much like the window treatments in the master bedroom. We love the way these selections brought our Lake Harriet project together. Are you friend or foe of chintz in your home?

What about the wallpaper in our #ArdenAvenue project? Would you say this is close to chintz? Maybe a modern version on it…

You can find this Powder Bath wallpaper here. Hygge and West is one of our favorite places to look for wallpaper.

Another secret wallpaper nook in our Arden Avenue project… the pantry! Find this colorful floral wallpaper here.

While these two project examples are our closest experimentation with chintz… Anthropologie is stocked full of fun options for this trend. Happy wallpaper hunting!

Tonal / Textural

If you have followed us for a while, you know that when we do an all white bathroom, we are always looking at ways to incorporate texture to break up the monochrome feeling. We typically do this with marble tile. So what do you do with in other rooms that aren’t bathrooms? In order to break up color, or neutral tones, an easy way to incorporate a new look is through tonal and textured wallpaper. This tonal trend is another fun way to experiment with evolving pattern trends in the design space. Any willing clients?!

Our #LakeHarriet clients loved dressing their home in wallpaper, and couldn’t resist adding this warm textured wallpaper into their mudroom.


Hello hand painted watercolor! In the era of custom builds, there is not much more custom you can get than having hand painted watercolor inspired wallpaper installed. At Jkath we love focusing on the craftsmanship behind our builds and honestly believe that is part of why we stand out from our competition. Watercolor inspired wallpaper is definitely on our list for 2020.

We have a few fun finds from our research on this trend.

This moody navy look was found on Etsy along with the citrus inspired wallpaper on the far right. Puppy Piles by Jen Peters graces the middle of this collage.

Majority of the trends above seem versatile for any room. What I love about the watercolor trend is that it looks like there is a space for it in any room in your house. Although three very different prints above, they are all working in their own space. Do you agree? This trend might be my favorite because the craftsmanship is unmatchable. The hand drawn (or painted) technique can be used to create so many different patterns and scenes. It makes guests feel more at home.

What’s your favorite wallpaper trend right now?

-Jkath Team

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