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Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean Longer

With the rise of painted cabinetry in the past decade, we’d be remiss if we did not coach our clients (and you) on how to keep these beauties clean and long-lasting. It’s also true, that we love to balance a kitchen out with layers of finishes and blend painted and wood tones. It could be considered that your high-use areas are a wood stain for added longevity. Without fail, here is a list of must-have tips to keep your kitchen cabinets clean longer.

Range hood alcove with 48 inch range and polished gold pot filler over quartz backsplash, custom cabinetry and alcove niches

Clean Your Cabinets Often

We recommend dusting your cabinets 1-2 times a month. The more frequent, the better. Consider doing your kitchen in shifts, one side on week one, then rotating each week. Keeping dust clear of your cabinets will prevent build-up that will then attract water, grease, or grime to stick to the cabinet surface. Use a mild soap or warm water with a damp cloth and wipe down just after dusting. Avoid harsh chemicals, and as always water and vinegar works well. Keeping your cabinets clean is the number one rule to prevent chipping or future damage.

Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean Longer

Wipe Up Spills Immediately, and Keep Moisture Off Your Cabinets

As a general reminder, wood and paint do not mix well with moisture, of any kind. Water from hand washing drops, pouring coffee, or food stuck to the trash roll-out after meal prep are all likely to damage your cabinetry. Wipe spills and moisture up as soon as possible, and do a quick wipe down at the end of each day of obvious areas that stand out with food.

Alder wood kitchen island, integrated refrigerator with apron sink.

Store Food Properly

Keeping your cabinets clean, and organized is helpful as well. Making sure all open food is stored in closed containers, and bags are airtight, not only eliminates unwanted pests but keeps your interiors clean and reduces the likelihood of food or crumbs making their way to the exterior of your cabinets.

Alder wood custom pantry cabinetry. Unlacquered brass cabinetry hardware, reeded glass.

Keep Doors and Drawers Closed

This may sound obvious, but often when we visit client homes we see cabinets wide open. Or drawers not closed tightly. This will allow dust and food to settle inside the cabinets and welcome the above scenario with food or crumbs making their way to the cabinet surfaces.

Sherwin Williams Limewash painted beaded inset kitchen cabinetry

Use Soft Close Hinges

To avoid wear and tear, do not slam your cabinets or drawers shut. In most modern cabinetry applications there are soft close hinges to prevent this, if you do not have these, consider having them installed. This will protect your cabinets from harsh habits and damage.

Lower level wet bar with black monochromatic design elements.

Use Cooking Ventilation

This is a little less obvious, but your cooking ventilation is in place to remove cooking fumes, grease, and debris. The hood extracts these particles from the air and pushes them outside. Many professional appliance companies will recommend you turn your ventilation on for several minutes before you start using the cooking surface. If you do not use your ventilation, these particles land on other surfaces, cabinetry, furniture, and flooring to name a few.

Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean Longer

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