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Sustainability Series: Earth Day 2020 at Home

Earth Day 2020 is the 50th anniversary of dedicating one day to celebrate our planet. We’re starting in our own backyards and continuing to evaluate how we can make an Earth-sized impact from home. We launched our Sustainability Series earlier this year to be a resource for living more eco-friendly. We celebrate Earth Day by doing our part to make environmentally conscious lifestyle changes.

With Minnesota’s Stay Home order and unseasonably nice weather, yard work has become one of our favorite past times to get outside and our bodies moving. Here are some ways to protect our home planet, your yard and health this Earth Day.

Earth Day in Your Backyard

1. Start a garden, plant bee, butterfly and hummingbird-friendly flowers, grow your own vegetables and learn how to practice plastic-free gardening

2. Compost your food scraps, yard clippings, etc., mixing “brown and green” matter

3. Save dying, cut down dead trees that could be damaging your yard health

4. Plant new trees near your house (but not too close) to provide insulation, preserving heat and air energy

5. Use natural pest control and herbicides

6. Pick up garbage during your daily walk

7. Walk or ride a bike to pick up a meal from a local restaurant

8. Raise chickens for more than fresh eggs: excellent fertilizer, natural weed and bug control, natural garbage disposal. Make sure you do your research before you commit.

9. Harvest rainwater to water plants and gardens

10. Buy recycled plastic outdoor furniture and decking materials that are long lasting and require almost zero maintenance. We love the Emmett Outdoor Lounge Chairs from Room & Board, made in Duluth, MN, and from 100 percent high-density recycled milk jugs.

Image from Room & Board

Here are 10 ways to live more sustainably in your home as well.

Sustainability Challenge

We’re wrapping up our Sustainability Challenge with Jen at Paisley and Sparrow this week, and we hope you learned some new habits to incorporate into your routine to live more environmentally friendly. There are still a couple days to participate and enter to win great sustainable giveaways this Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day,

Katie Miller + Jkath Team

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