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Sunday Saves: MEA Weekend

Week of October 14, 2019

Fall is our busiest time of the year at the office, as we are trying our best to get our clients all moved in before the end of the year. As busy as it was, this week was full of things that saved me. We are creating mood boards like crazy for our new and current clients and exploring the farthest corners of Pinterest to get the best look. Trying to keep all of our projects on track while our traveling has been booking us weekend after weekend, we are starting to really appreciate the digital tools we have integrated into our daily work routine.

The leaves are finally changing color in the city and the streets are filling with color. Since the kids’ days of biking to school are over, I am driving them to and from school. I find myself slowing down and appreciating the little things around me- cue leaves whistling around and squirrelly kids + a dog in the backseat!

We just passed the 9th anniversary of the loss of my late husband and Charlie’s dad. This time of year is always nostalgic, but reminds me most of how lucky I am to have this #partyoffive + our newest addition, Otis the cavapoo. Photocred: A.M. Photography

Madeline Island

We spent our MEA weekend up on Madeline Island. We headed out of town on Thursday for our long weekend vacation. We rented a house on Airbnb and I am so impressed! I have always had amazing stays with Airbnb. I snapped this picture of Jesse on his way down to explore the shoreline. Definitely living his best life! Leaves falling… the kids running down to the lake… Jesse and I soaking up a quiet moment in the cabin… just wow. It’s a feeling I can’t explain! So serene.

Drew Avenue project update – Windows are in!

We had a surprise gift come in the mail this week from Marvin. It was such a sweet mid-week pick-me-up. They sent us some office goodies and it’s just a sweet reminder that there are REAL people behind these big brands that we work with and that they care about their partners. Working in the remodeling and custom home industry, you meet so many people at events, it can feel like speed dating, but when you connect with the right people… magic happens!


We have been busy trying to get our current projects to the finish line by specing all of the fun lights + accessories. There is still a ways to go but it’s fun to have them all planned out. We are using the Hyve App to help us stay on track. Check out the full blog post where we reviewed the Hyve App and how we have been using it with our current projects. You have seen project updates, inspiration, mood boards,in-progress pictures of our Drew Avenue project; this our Hyve and how we stay organized, room by room.

Our favorite feature is being able to easily communicate to our guys in the field especially with spec sheets. At this stage we are planning all the lighting, so when our electrician can pull up a spec sheet right in front of him, it’s a breeze come install day.

Holiday Content

The Jkath team is putting together holiday content for you this week! We are brainstorming home decor that will get you through this holiday season. We posted a piece last week on transitional pieces that can become entertaining home staples for you to have on deck for hosting any time of the year. Our holiday content will be full of color to get you in the mood this time of year! I love the holidays. Mostly, because quality family time is so precious and there always seems to be an abundant amount of time spent together during the holiday season.

We love this asymmetrical look that our friend, Erin, over at Francois et. Moi created a tutorial for. She is the best for all things DIY and home style!

Check out our Pinterest board we created to pull our inspiration from! It has so many different looks incorporated, it will be difficult to chose just a few looks.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the pieces were styling:

Amber Glass Mug

I just saw these in the Schoolhouse fall collection and I love colored glassware. Can’t wait to see these in person.

Faux Garland

Using real garlands can be expensive AND messy. I will be styling a faux one with some real, natural elements! Erin Francois talked about combing the two in her tutorial and I love that idea!


On the Mantle? In the fireplace? On the coffee table? In a lantern? How are you styling your pillar candles this season? Will you mix it up for Fall and Winter? Can’t wait to see how you guys are styling your pieces!

Wood Frames

Our favorite frames are wood. They match with ALMOST anything. Mixing wood elements takes some warming up to, but once you have experimented enough, the results can be amazing! While crazy colored and gold embellished frames can luxe up a space in a heartbeat, the best transitional frames are black, white, or wood!

Fall Prints

This is a design hack I learned a long time ago. Once you get frames that you love and that are transitional, ie. wood, white or black (I prefer wood). Each season you can just swap out the prints in the frames with new prints for that season to match your seasonal decor. You can use the same prints for years. My only trouble at first was finding a space to store them flat!

I hope you all had a cozy weekend- where ever you spent it!


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