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Sunday Saves: How to Guide to Prep for the Holiday Season

We don’t claim to be experts around here, but we’ve seen our fair share of holidays and have guided many clients in the process as we have also completed many home renovation projects this time of year. Quick – we’re hosting for Thanksgiving, can you wrap it up?

Today, we’re sharing our FIVE favorite tips while planning for the busiest time of year below.

1. Make a Donation

This won’t surprise you, we’re always reminding you to review your assets. What needs to stay and which items can you donate to a local charity, neighbor or a relative? It’s the perfect time of year to make a generous donation, also considering consignment as an opportunity to make some extra cash to reinvest into your holiday gifting.

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2. Meal Plan

I know, this one seems odd. But let’s face it, it’s the busiest time of year and while many nights will be spent reconnecting with friends and family, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead of time for those nights when you don’t have time. Jesse and I can also be found sneaking away when we need a break and ordering in Chinese for our kids. Everyone wins in this scenario too.

Take a look at our 7 Meals When You Don’t Have a Kitchen blog for planning ahead ideas.

3. Prepare The Table

We’ve rounded up our holiday tablescape guide here. The trick is to plan ahead, grab a few new items that feel transitional and will take you well into the new year for dinner parties. While purchasing a few new items each week and also shopping the items within your own home, you’ll have no problem curating the perfect holiday table.

Do not wait until the week of, holiday items always sell out fast.

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4. Shop Early, Make a Gift Pile

Make a list of the people in your life you will be gifting, if you have kids, consider their teachers, dog walkers, house cleaners, and more. While shopping local and small (every year) bring your list along and grab 1-2 items as soon as Labor Day weekend, it’s never too early and you’ll be glad you’ve spread your budget out.

This season we’re headed to the European Christmas Market and the Northern Express in Excelsior.

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5. Take Some Time Off

During these busy times, always take time off for you. It might look like a cozy night in with the fireplace on wrapping gifts and sipping hot tea, a night out with friends over a glass of wine, or a holiday movie with your kids. We always put these nights on our calendar too, it’s the only way to protect our own time.

This year, we’re going big and planned a holiday weekend to NYC the weekend before Christmas. Can’t think of a better way to treat ourselves and celebrate the year we’ve nearly wrapped up!

Enjoy the season ahead, it’ll be a Merry one!

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