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Sunday Saves: Headed Into Fall

Week of September 21st, 2020

Just like that, we listed and SOLD our home in one day. Bitter sweet indeed, but we’re ready to pass it onto a new family as we wrap up the final months of preparing our new home for our family. Another door opens.

Image provided by Spacecrafting Photography

Tips to Prepare for a Move

Let’s be honest, the last few weeks of preparation to list our home haven’t been easy, stressful, and exhausting. But we’ve made it to the finish line and wouldn’t do anything different. Here, we’re sharing a few tips to help guide you, as you may be preparing to do the same:

Include the Kids: Ask your kids to go through their personal items, create a pile for what stays, what can be donated and what can be tossed/recycled. When they are done, incentivize them to do it again. This was a several week process for us, and we started early.

De-Clutter: Remove as many personal items as possible, family photos, keepsakes from travels, clear the countertops, and thin out the bookshelves, anything in plain view site. Give yourself permission to pack some items up and put in the garage for safe storage.

Home Improvements: Make your honey do list, and tackle 1-2 things each day. In our home we touched up the paint on our kitchen island where the counter stools left paint chips, cleaned all baseboards with a magic eraser, planted mums in our seasonal window boxes, power washed the exterior siding, replaced the garage door opener, and also called in the window company to warranty a few windows that need attention to name a few of the things we did. These are low out of pocket expenses and go a long way.

Call in the Professionals: Sometimes our time is worth more than the improvement itself, so we leaned on others to help out. We had a painting crew paint our office for a few hundred in cash, had our windows professionally cleaned inside and out, and hired a professional cleaner to touch up our home.

Fall is Here

With a new season upon us we’re preparing for cold weather activates ahead. Last year at this time we had our family photos captured for our annual holiday card and captured a moment in time as our kids are growing and changing so fast. Many photographers are booking solid, so if you haven’t scheduled your photos, it’s a great way to prepare for the holiday season.

Photo by a.m. photography

Headed to Big Sky

Off to celebrate my 42nd birthday – Jesse and I made a quick trip to Big Sky, Montana to get in some moderate – intense hiking and a few sleeps away from the home in hopes it will sell (done!). This is the perfect Fall activity, something we can easily do back home as the leaves continue to change with the scenic backdrop.

A few things we’re taking with us into Fall:

Danner Vertigo Waterproof Boots | Fjallraven Pack | Retro Fleece Jacket

Doing Neutral Right in Home Design

ICYMI this week Katie M (soon to be Katie W), our Interior Designer, shared a blog post on doing neutral right applying the basic principals of design. Read the 6 basic design principals you can apply in your own home here.

Thank you for following along,

Katie Kath + Jkath Team

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