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Vintage wallpaper prints

Sunday Saves: Bigger is Better

The kick-off to summer is here. We’ve said our farewell to May and are off and running with a packed June ahead. A new season has our team buzzing with new trends, patterns, colors – and a few of our packable items for just about any outing that lies ahead.

Bold prints for the season

Bigger is Better, Bold Floral prints

Have you noticed the vintage floral prints every time you leave the house, clothing stores are covered in this hot trend. It’s no surprise we’re seeing these make their way into home decor as well. We have 5 wallpaper installations on the horizon and are finding this is the easiest way to incorporate this new, botanical trend. A few fan favorites are from Caselio (house in Spanish). The Lovey Field pattern as shown below will be installed into this adorable office completed with Benjamin Moore Colorado Gray painted cabinetry.

Bold prints for the season

Play on Vintage Decor

Teenagers in the house, anyone? Vintage band T-shirts are back, in a big way. Reminded of our younger days, every morning we’re seeing Nirvana, ACDC, and Elvis too on the fronts of our teens’ clothing. Just like that, vintage is here – and here to stay. While not reminiscent of a band, the granny decor is the home decorator’s way of reviving something old, into something new. Cafe curtains and vintage prints are just a few of the ways, as shown in our Ridge Road primary bathroom renovation.

Freestanding bathtub, shiplap paneled walls and handmade cafe curtains. Vintage Decor.

Mood Booster With Color

Neutrals can be easy and fun, with pops of color. We’ve built our brand on the basics of neutrality while layering in texture and adding elements of interest with subtle patterns and color. While in conversation this past week, it occurred to us we haven’t finished an all-white kitchen for over 2 years and aren’t in talks of doing one anytime soon. This can only mean one thing, we’re ready for color. Much like the bright yellow sweater you just purchased (I know – daring!) to the bold maxi dress you haven’t a clue where you’ll wear it yet, home decor has its own spin with bold colors making a comeback.

Using color in your home, season trends.

Image Source: Studio Mcgee with burgundy wall paneling.

Top Picks for the Seasons Trends

Shopping the latest season clothing trends.

1. Floral Wrap Skirt 2. Vintage Everyday Sweater 3. Maxi Dress 4. New Balance 327 Lifestyle Shoes 5. Hand Tied Beach Bag

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