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Sunday Saves: 6 Easy Design Tips for a Cozy Living Room

With our sights on Spring, we know March is around the corner – and this can often be the month we see the largest snowfalls. This being said, spending time inside will very much be a part of the next several weeks while we countdown to a new season. Today in the Sunday Saves, we’re sharing 6 easy design tips to enhance your living room.

Not one, But Two Sofa’s

You heard it, or maybe you can’t decide which one? Don’t fret, sometimes two sofas make all the sense in the world, as in the case in our Drew Avenue renovation. The variety of fabrics and style adds character to this space, while offering maximum seating for this quaint main living area.

Built-in Bookcases

This isn’t a before and after blog post, but if it were, you’d see the heavy oak cabinetry that once lived in this space. A refresh of Deephaven Drive looked like removing the upper cabinets, adding recessed painted wood shelves and refreshing the existing lower cabinets with a coat of paint. An easy way to reimagine this space with open storage, and a light and bright upgrade.

Rustic Elements

A design trend we’re holding onto into the new year. Adding reclaimed wood beams adds character, comfort and warmth to any space. Thee buzz words that our clients toss around often, helps explain why this element is so popular. Check out the Kath Home new construction project for additional rustic installations.

Window Treatments

Are your window treatments the ones that came with the house you purchased? Or maybe your blinds are non operable, or have discolored from years of natural light? A quick weekend update, replace your curtain rod to a more contemporary option and add window treatments to add texture, color or pattern to your space. Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs and Anthropologie are a few of our favorite places if you’re opting to not go custom.

Form and Function

Consider elements in your living space that are both aesthetically pleasing and serve a purpose. This is a core of what we do here at Jkath, while trying to meet client wish lists with a balance of how this will be used within the space. Open storage is a great example, wall paneling around this living room fireplace adds a bit of formality tying this new space into the original part of the home. More angles of this cozy interior can be found here, Country Club renovation.

Gallery Walls

Last, but not least. Make a new gallery wall – reuse pictures you already have displayed or print and frame a few new ones. I am a sucker for alignment so you’ll find frames of the same scale in my house adorning a wall. But I always stop my scroll when others find the perfect vintage collection of frames and artwork to add personality to any wall.

Sharing tips here on how to hang a gallery wall.

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