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Stylish Flush Mount Alternative Light Fixtures to Replace Boob Lights

We all have had the ever dreaded “boob light” in our homes before. You know, the builder grade flush mount fixture that looks like… a boob. And once you see it, you can’t unsee it. These fixtures are commonly found in hallways, bedrooms, closets and entryways. They are easy to replace and there are so many more stylish, modern alternative flush mount fixtures on the market to replace them with. This can be one of the first projects you tackle in a new home, or give your current one a refresh.

We are sharing 18 of our favorite go-to flush and semi-flush mount fixtures to replace boob lights in a more stylish and modern way.

Tips for Choosing a Light Fixture

1. Consider your ceiling heights. The bottom of the fixture should be no lower than 7′ from the floor. If you have 8′ ceilings look at flush mounts and 9’+ ceilings can often accommodate a semi-flush mount.2. Lighting should coordinate throughout the home, but doesn’t need to the same. In other words, stay in a similar design style such as mid-century modern, traditional, contemporary, etc. without putting the same fixture or collection everywhere. Mix finishes, open/closed shades, and shapes.3. Add personality with your lighting by incorporating your design style.

Some of the resources we link to may earn us a small commission. For that we are thankful, but would never push items we aren’t truly passionate about, and likely have already given it a test drive.

1. Loris | 2. Tapered Metal Shade | 3. Fabric Shade |4. Nuance | 5. Cordtlandt | 6. Edie Prismatic | 7. Lettie | 8. Brendon | 9. Crawford | 10. Stella | 11. Lureau | 12. Oswego | 13. Montreux | 14. Pierce | 15. Tanner | 16. Matterhorn | 17. Simpson | 18. Brynne

Adios, Boob Lights! Easily swapping out to a modern, stylish flush or semi-flush mount fixture will instantly update your space and make it feel like yours.

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