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Staying Active During The Week

We have most likely all hit that work from home slump at some point throughout the last few months. Many of us have probably felt it more than once. As we head into colder temperatures, shorter days and more time inside, it is going to be even more challenging to keep out of the funk. Up until now, this doesn’t sound like the most uplifting post, but that will change. While the conditions may not be super enticing for us to stay active and engaged, we don’t have to accept that as our fate. Keep reading for some cold weather movement inspiration and tips to staying fresh no matter where you are in life right now.

Get Outside

This one is going to sound obvious, and at first seems very doable, until you wake up one morning to a “feels like” temperature in the single digits and it’s dark as night still at 7:00am. Or maybe you just experienced a record snowfall for the month of October like many of us did this week. Now I am not saying you need to lace up your shoes with ice cleats and run your 5k PR in a blizzard. We are just going to work on getting some fresh air on a daily basis, even if the wind hurts bites at your cheeks a bit. Our best advice is dress for the elements. If you start cold, you will end cold. This is especially true for your feet. I used to be miserable when the temps started to drop because I couldn’t keep my feet warm if I was out for longer periods of time. I finally invested in a good, functional pair of boots and my outdoor experience has changed forever. This is coming from a girl who grew up on the Canadian border and just thought I was going to have cold feet forever. You live and you learn right?! If you have no idea where to look for warm boots, here is a link to the Best Winter Boots of 2020. Once your toes are toasty and you feel sufficiently layered up, set a plan each day for when you will get out the door. For me, I like to start my day outside. Obviously, this is much easier in the other three seasons of the year, but I have found even as the temperatures have dropped and the sun rises later, starting my day in the crisp air sets me up for success. If mornings aren’t your thing, block out a part of your day, maybe over lunch or as your afternoon wraps up. Make it a priority in your day and work to stick to it. Remember, layers are key, make sure you are lit up, (headlamp or bike flasher) and be aware of the terrain. Let’s shoot to get outdoors everyday for the whole month of November. That even gives you some time to get geared up. If you need an accountability buddy, hit me up! Here’s to making the most of our “Bold North”!

Every Hour On The Hour

Something is going to happen and you get to choose what that is! If you are familiar with the term EMOM, this is a borrowed idea. In the fitness world EMOM or every minute on the minute cues an action at the top of each new minute. In many cases you do the action as quickly as you can and hopefully with some time left in the minute you rest before the next piece of work. Every hour on the hour follows the same concept, but every 60 minutes instead of every 60 seconds. You choose the activity or action that should take you no more than 5 minutes. You have at least 55 minutes before you do the activity again but will ensure you take your eyes off the screen, stand up, and complete something outside of your current focus all throughout your day. An example of this can simply be just standing up at least once every hour, during an eight hour work day and getting some steps in. Maybe if you live in an apartment complex, you mask up, and take a flight of stairs every hour. If you live in a neighborhood and can get out to walk around your block or just down your driveway, that works too. I have found my productivity increases when I intentionally find space to break, reset and move my body. Some other ideas to implement into your EHOH practice can include a certain number of squats or push-ups at the top of each hour. Maybe it’s 10 squats and 5 push-ups and then back to work. Or if you are up to building in a core and full body challenge shoot for a plank hold every hour. You can start with a set time and as you build up strength work to increase that time or reps. The task does not necessarily have to be an activity, if you struggle with drinking water, this could be a great way to drink a glass of water every 60 minutes. The options are endless. Just be sure you choose something that is relevant to you and something you want to be spending time on. If you hate burpees, probably don’t make yourself do them all throughout your day. It should be challenging, yet approachable. Give it a try and maybe even challenge a friend to do it with you.

No Gym, No Problem

For people that were used to going to a gym or fitness studio of some sort before the pandemic, this involuntary switch to home based fitness for many of us, has not been met with wide open arms. The reason we choose a fitness community is for so many reasons other than just the workout. We enjoy the way it makes us feel. We want to be a part of the collective and we buy into the routine it helps us create. Whether you classify yourself as a yogi guru, a CrossFit queen, a Classpass veteran, none, or all of the above, it has undoubtedly affected each of us.

The bright side of our current situation is technology and the abilities we have to stay somewhat connected and engaged during this time. Even as gyms and spaces have reopened, the limited capacities and varying comfort levels makes the experience far less than familiar. As a regular gym go-er, I have started to find ways to maintain community and wellness from different locations. Don’t get me wrong, I miss working out with friends, exchanging high fives, taking a live hot yoga class and grabbing brunch post sweat sesh. But I also have a newfound appreciation for simplicity and an understanding of my capabilities outside of a structured class or program. We have been so impressed with the gyms and fitness studios around the metro area that adapted so quickly offering home-based workouts, virtual meet-ups and eventually outdoor organizations which led to limited capacity “normal classes”. They have shifted all they have known to something entirely different to meet the new needs of their members and visitors.

Whether you are back in your gym or still working out from home, here is my virtual high five for grinding through the blind transition. If you are looking for ways to incorporate other modes of fitness into your day to day activity, there are some awesome home based resources out there. We have referenced our girl, Nourish Move Love for recipe inspo before but she also writes and leads killer workouts of many varieties and levels, all free on her blog. We have also been digging the Peloton app for high quality, multi faceted workouts from guided outdoor running, to strength training and yoga. You don’t have to have their bike or treadmill to access the other content and there is a 30 day free trial. For those back in your studio or gym, hopefully this has reinstated some sort of a routine and has allowed for more distanced socialization. Even the commute to and from the facility gets you up and outside.

Movement, routine and fresh air are small factors that can add a lot of value to our daily lives. During these times of shorter days and colder temperatures, we need to find ways to keep moving both inside and out. We hope these small implementations can create noticeable changes in your day to day. Maybe you were doing these many of these things already and just needed to know you are not alone. The struggle is real. Community, connection and engagement is needed more now than ever. One of our favorite parts of this business and what we do is connecting with all of you! We would love to hear how you are adding more activity to your (almost) winter routine. Feel free to leave a comment here or send us a message on our social channels. Bring it on Minnesnowta, we’re here for it!

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