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Using Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

Have you ever taken a moment to review your inspiration boards, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram? Often we find unique wood elements we're drawn too, that cannot be replicated by a traditional lumber yard. Reclaimed wood became popular within the last decade, and we continue to see an uptick in requests for these unique elements inside homes. We're big fans over here and continue to find unique ways in application and use in our cabinet shop for these unique pieces.

But first, WHY use reclaimed wood?

In line with our efforts to remain committed to sustainability, reclaimed wood is USED wood. Abandoned wood from old barns, houses, factories to name a few. This wood can be anywhere from 50 to 100 or more years old. As mentioned in a recent post by our trusted premier local lumberyard, Manomin Resawn Timbers, anytime you purchase reclaimed wood, it comes with a story. What a terrific talking point for years and decades to come in your home.

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

It goes without saying, the aesthetic of reclaimed wood cannot be replicated otherwise. It's unique character adds texture, a stand alone element and often a statement piece to any space where installed. It becomes a talking point, conversation starter and much like fine art, or a cool collection of beer glasses or vintage records, reclaimed wood has its own story as well. Where was it harvested and what was the reclaiming process to bring it to your home?

Understanding the Costs

Reclaimed wood has gone through both harvesting as well as a process to reclaim the wood. Often this is met with extensive treatment to remove nails and address any rotting that may have occurred. This process results in unique one of a kind characteristics, often found in the imperfections of each piece of wood.

Our Favorite Applications

Some of our favorite applications of reclaimed wood are fabricated in our cabinet shop. Bathroom vanities, bakers table and ceiling beams as featured here. Read more here from Manomin Resawn Timbers on selecting and adding reclaimed beams to your ceiling.

Other Uses for Remnant Pieces

Often when ordering in timbers for larger projects such as beams, cabinets, flooring, we can find remnant pieces to be repurposed in other areas of your home. Open shelving, wood bench tops in mudrooms, hood mantle or a butcher block top for your kitchen to contrast other countertop materials such as quartz.

While there are cost implications to premier reclaimed options, these can often be mitigated by making the investment as an added decor element in combination with function. Reallocating your budget to a timeless aesthetic when done correctly, may save you costs in the long run. We hope you've been inspired by a few of our favorite spaces showing some of these unique elements, easy to use in everyday homes.

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