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Project Management with Hyve App

If you follow us on Instagram, you can see that we work on multiple projects at a time. The single most important aspect to a project that were managing, is organization. Many clients come to us with a deadline, whether they can't stand living with their in-laws any longer or they would rather not be renting for an extended period of time. We try and meet every deadline to keep our clients happy.

While Jesse has always been a paper + pencil guy, and while that works for him, it hasn't always worked well for everyone else trying to keep up. We have been experimenting with several different online tools for our team and we crossed paths with the founder of Hyve, right before we started our whole house renovation project: Goodrich Tudor. Hyve is a project management app designed by contractors for contractors.

We haven't said much about our Goodrich Tudor selection process so were giving you a glimpse on how we stayed on track during this whole house renovation and addition.

The Hyve app makes it easy to track the progress of any current project you are working on. You can access every project you have created from anywhere. When you create a project, you easily name it and add as many rooms you are renovating for that particular project. Within the project, which for us was a whole house, you can create every room you can think of. Within each room you can organize all the products you will be using, customizing everything from the trim paint color to the light bulb in your chandelier. Within each project, you have the ability to create a section for every room in the house. They have literally thought of every room imaginable and what you could possibly need in it. If it's a bathroom they have a section for plumbing, which obviously is not going to be the same if you select bedroom. Everything feels specifically curated for that particular room and makes it easy to organize each room. This helps us keep track of what we've ordered and what's still waiting to be purchased. Track everything from your inventory of products, purchase date for each product, receipts and installation.

A top priority for us was finding a solution that was Apple and Android accessible for our team as well as having a desktop version. We needed something accessible for our guys in the field so they could receive instant updates and spec sheets from our project managers in the office. This helps our team stay organized and on track when we have multiple projects going on at once.

Our project managers and designers who were off site were able to instantly update the information on their desktop for our on-site project managers who were on the app on their phone.

Every designer can relate to creating mood boards in the early stages for clients. This is where we have our fun before walls are even up most of the time! On Hyve you can upload inspiration images instantly for on the go mood boards. Think Pinterest meets project manager. Being able to edit those images directly when talking with a client, has you organized for your second draft mood boards.

Take a look at where the kids bathroom was when we were in the process of creating our first mood board.

After finding inspiration images we were finally ready to create our board! All of these images came from our inspiration page on Hyve.

What we like about Hyve is that anything added on the app version syncs with the desktop version and it's extremely easy to download images to create simple mood boards like this one:

We went from this mood board to...

To this! The kids bathroom in this home photographs extremely well with the natural light pouring into this small space. As you can see, not everything made it from the mood board and there was slight changes made. For one: the sconce shade! Hyve makes it easy to swap out items and add spec sheets in the PDF format for all of your subcontractor's convenience on-site.

This space is right outside the kids bathroom. One feature that our team loved and saved us countless phones calls, was the PDF spec sheet capability. When you enter a product into a room, you can upload the spec sheet for on-site access for our project managers to share with our electrician to hang this gorgeous chandelier and every other light fixture in the house. Another plus is you can make note where the product goes in the room.

We can't wait to reveal the details of this in suite master bath (that used to be another bedroom!)

Hyve was the perfect tool that helped us stay on track for this project. If your team has been struggling with finding a project management system, try using Hyve for your next project. Get your free basic project at When you sign up, use referral code JKA2173 for $10 off when you upgrade from basic or purchase a Premium Project.

So now that we’ve completed the project, how are we still using the Hyve app?

kids bath - products - plumbing - shower valve - all information we need! PDF included.

Every time we have posted a picture of this space, almost immediately we get asked what paint color we used, or where we sourced a certain light fixture. While we don't usually know off the top of our heads, we can head back into the Hyve app and all of the information is displayed in products from when we first entered them in. You can track every paint color, drawer pull, light fixture, tile, plumbing hardware, everything that you spec'd for a space.

Thank you, Hyve App for helping us stay on track! Let us know what project you are going to use with Hyve! Check out our full blog post reveal we released earlier this week.

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