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Decorating your mantel: Two ways for the Holidays

Did you know there is only three full weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year? In the last couple posts we have touched on the fact that we feel like the holiday season goes by quicker and quicker each year. This year is going to feel a lot like that because there is only three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are sharing holiday inspired looks for your mantel below to help get you in the spirit.

*Disclaimer* this post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of them, we may receive a small commission (for which we are very grateful for) at no extra cost to you. Not all links are exact matches, some decor is old so we are doing our best to link similar items!

We have curated two fireplace mantel looks and sharing one bonus tip at the bottom of this post to help you get through the styling drama that comes with the holidays.

Option one, Transitional Seasonal Decor

Oh boy, we have been using that term a lot around here. Transitional items in your home are so important! 1. It saves you money 2. They can be displayed through multiple seasons and 3. Did you read one and two? We love being able to use the same items year after year. Always continue to invest in the pieces that you believe are timeless. To us, we see this as a faux garland that looks real to the eye. You can always style your faux garland with real accents to accentuate the look and make it look lush and full.

Get the look of this transitional mantle by shopping the links below

Small lantern | Large lantern | Black candle holders | Brass candle holders | Mirror

Log holder | Small white houses | White glass tree | Faux Garland

Option two, Shimmer inspired look

This is for all you white glitzy holiday decor lovers. There are many bloggers out there who do this genre pretty dang well and we are here to help you through an understated glitzy look. Is that an oxymoron? The glitz does make me smile, I can't help it! We love just a touch of shimmer. Your key accents here are going to be all things, silver, gold, glittery and shiny!

Get the look of this shimmer inspired mantle by shopping the links below

Small white tree | Large Silver Tree | Silver candle holders | Faux Garland

Cheers | Blue Area Rug

Option one with accents

Bonus! The transitional look and shimmer inspired look that we created can both easily be dressed up. This is something you might consider when you start to get closer to the holidays or are throwing a party. Here are a few looks to incorporate into your transitional decor when the holiday spirit hits!

Extra Greenery

We love sprucing up our faux garland with small real greenery pieces. This adds just a little element to enrich that space- and also smells great! The only reason we don't suggest this 100% of the time is because of the practicality of it; it will shed all over your living area. I personally hate the clean up of it all. The faux looks great and no mess!


I loved styling snowshoes for this look. They look great leaning up against the fireplace, hanging on the the wall or in your rear entry. It's pretty difficult to get your hands on some vintage snowshoes, but if you can, you should. It adds a fun nostalgic element to your scene.


This may be an obvious tip... picking out a Santa that you enjoy year after year might be the most difficult. This one pictured we have had for about 5 years and it fits our style. We found some Santas that we thought would also compliment this mantel but make sure you are shopping for your style and your mantel and not just what you believe is on trend.

Glitzy trees

Add even more glittery trees to your shimmer inspired look. Many of these gold shimmery trees have a light option as well, which can be fun for night time or a party. The best part about mantels is that they can be dressed up or down in minutes.

Happy Holidays from the Jkath team!


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