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Breakfast nook benches, antique pendant lighting

Home Design Trends That Will Transcend

Trends are always a hot topic when working through design decisions with our clients. Wondering what will last for the next decade, what is going out of style, and what new ideas we can infuse to make a space uniquely theirs. With dozens of projects in our portfolio, we’ve learned a few things along the way and are sharing some design considerations that will transcend with time.

Consider Neutral Cabinetry, Adding Pops of Color

Our latest reveal, Palace Avenue is packed with color, but what we love about this space, grounding neutrals are still the theme. An easy blue kitchen island that feels versatile and timeless, with natural brick tones, off-white painted upper cabinetry, and warm backsplash tile accents. The pops of color are within the finished interior of the upper cabinets with a glass door, and easy paintable item down the road or change in door style, however with an accent piece, it will stand the test of time.

Blue and white custom kitchen cabinets with orange behind glass cabinet doors, industrial style sink faucet, brass window sconce and vertical taupe backsplash tile

Architectural Millwork

You’ve heard it here, we own a custom cabinetry shop and obsess over quality cabinetry, millwork is no exception and an extension of what we offer to all client projects. Paneled walls, moldings, or added crown molding details in small to large spaces will always prevail. These styles come and go, but the added millwork adds interest in any room, one that can be painted or stained.

Natural Stone

Using natural materials, when the budget allows, of course. Natural stones have an aging process and get better with age. There also needs to be a tolerance for these, imperfections, inconsistent veining, and possible hairline cracks that grout will pick up. It’s a beautiful design choice and will add depth to any space. Our Fairmount Avenue kitchen pictured below has Tupelo Limestone pavers from Orijin Stone.

French inspired dining table with heirloom hutch and original cabinet hardware.

Wallpaper – Small and Large Spaces

Can you believe it, we’re not calling this a trend of the decade, we think it’s here to stay. Wallpaper has become a much more approachable and affordable design aesthetic with limitless options, and access to online purchasing. Samples are easy to obtain, and applications can be down with a DIY method, or by hiring a local expert. We recently wrapped up a project with 4 different spaces that have wallpaper. Read our blog on How to Hang Wallpaper, Like a Pro!

Vintage inspired wallpaper, white oak Jkath Custom Vanity, mixed metals and original floor tile.

Mini Gallery Walls, Small Spaces

While we love an oversized wall covered in meaningful art, our firm works in smaller, old city homes often and gets to play with smaller finished spaces, to create a big impact. An art collection or family photos are a great way to show off personalization dn create a focal point in any room.

Foyer staircase and powder room details.

Natural Wood Products

We’ve covered this topic many times, but using real wood has made a comeback and there are a variety of applications we stand behind. It’s been around for ages and is a design feature you can’t argue with when it’s not manmade. Wood is often durable and requires less maintenance than the painted version we have been drawn to for the past decade.

Dual white oak kitchen islands, quartzite and soapstone countertops, white painted accent cabinetry.

Mixing Old and New Materials

The majority of our work is focused on renovations, which forces our design team to consider the original elements of each space. Consideration for preservation, budget-saving ideas, and infusing new elements to create an updated look. This not only highlights a unique space that feels true to the home, but allows for creative input for a finished look that will transcend time.

The below eat-in banquette prioritizes and original built-in, which we modified in size for function and rebuilt to suit and updated the wood look, refreshed the windows in their existing location and sourced an original light fixture for this space.

Breakfast nook benches, antique pendant lighting

We hope tp have inspired new design ideas, or cemented a direction you may already be headed with your upcoming project.

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