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Eco-Conscious Gift Guide 2019

Practicing a life towards zero waste has become extremely prevalent in 2019 with a push towards consuming sustainable products. We have seen friends, family, coworkers, strangers, make the switch over to sustainable products. We are providing a crash course to all the gifts below for you or anyone you are gifting, and how you can make an impact by the easy switches below.

By no walks of earth do I or Jkath claim to be zero waste experts. The big secret here is: you don’t have to be an expert to create good habits. Start small and slowly integrate yourself into the world of zero waste, *spoiler* it’s an easy transition. Once you start practicing a life towards zero waste, friends, family, coworkers will ask you about the products they have seen you using. This is a perfect opportunity to share your knowledge; no matter how extensive it is!

Here are our top 15 products we are recommending for sustainable gift giving

Nervous about making the switch and unsure where to start? Or looking to expand your knowledge? Let’s start with education. Three books we recommend below:

1. Sustainable Home by Christine Liu

A beginner’s guide to making your home eco-friendly.

2. The Waste Not, Want Not Cook Book

Food waste has one of the biggest environmental impacts. This cook book has tips and tricks into making your kitchen waste less in creative and fun ways.

3. 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste

Want to make an impact on zero waste but don’t know where to begin? 101 ways is a crash course guide to taking your first steps towards a practical lifestyle.

4. Three Tier Tin Lunchbox

Perfect for having your lunch all in one place. Easy to use, easy to clean. This is an alternative to tupperware.

5. Reusable Produce Bags

These are reusable produce bags. Some grocery stores do provide compostable produce bags, but it’s always good to have a set of your own reusable bags.

6. Hydro Flask 32- ounce bottle

One of the easiest transitions is switching over to a reusable water bottle! With a cap like this, you can hook it anywhere: backpack, gym bag, grocery bag, etc.

7. Hydro Flask 12- ounce mug

Love your water bottle by Hydro Flask? This is your water bottle’s partner in crime. Tag team the day with these two products for all your caffeine and hydration needs.

8. (re) zip bags

These bags are reusable bags for any type of food. Just like a the Three Tier Tiffin lunch box, this is also a great alternative to pack in your lunch.

9. Stasher Snack and Sandwich Bags

Just as durable as the (re) zip bags, it’s all about personal preference and reviews. I have Stasher bags and (re) zip, I just use them for different things.

10. Evereco Bamboo Cutlery Set

A cutlery set is always convenient to have on hand, in your purse or backpack so you don’t have to use single-use plastic when you order food to-go.

11. Bees Wrap

Perfect for keeping food fresh. This is your plastic wrap alternative, AND it keeps your food fresh longer.

12. Parachute Dryer Balls

No more dryer sheets! Make the easy switch. After you have converted, the next step is detergent. There are lots of options on Grove Collaborative.

13. Collapsable metal straw with silicone tip

Just like the bamboo cutlery set, this is great to have on hand for when you eat out or get take out.

14. Stainless steel straws

These are meant to go in your silverware drawer. Just as easy as using silverware, have this on hand at home.

15. Glass straws

It’s all about personal preference here. Some people don’t like stainless steel touching their teeth when they are drinking something cold. Glass is a great alternative.

We will have full blog post dedicated to sustainable practices in your home renovations soon, stay tuned! If you read our CSA post, do you want to see more on eco-friendly lifestyle topics?

Happy sustainable gift giving! Here’s to a 2020 with a push towards less waste. Have any other sustainable gifts? Share below!

-Kayla and Jkath Team

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