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Creating a Functional Home Office

We’re getting used to this new normal, or perhaps we should call it the NEXT normal. One thing we’re taking with us from 2020 are work spaces at home. We have helped many clients reimagine existing square feet to include a home office, complete an attic renovation, maximize storage and even entertain finishing out spaces over garages.

Today we’re sharing with you our favorite #WFH scenes as well as a few pointers to keep you motivated and in the game.

1. Transform a Small Space

In our #JamesAve attic renovation we created an owners suite to host a small work table – but just enough space to remove yourself from the kitchen and main floor living distractions. Finding a quiet and disruption free zone is critical for most.

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2. No Office – No Problem

In both our Linden Hills Renovation and our Frontenac Place investment property, we were able to find the perfect office space on the second floor landing. A great use of space where otherwise it would collect clutter, an oversized plant .. or nothing.

Tip: Make sure your work space is aesthetically pleasing, utilize a window, loft overlook or pretty artwork to keep you inspired.

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3. Use Your Bedroom

Who needs a dedicated office space, when your bedroom has enough square feet? Additions can be costly, often what we need is already available to us – with a little bit of redecorating. Just make sure you wake up with enough time to change your clothes and get ready for the day – it makes such a difference for finding motivation.

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Design By Cate St Hill

4. Convert a Pantry Into a Shared Space

This space was once a formal dining room, we expanded the kitchen into the dining room and made a walk in pantry to host double ovens, storage and a handy pocket office. Tip: The less you bring into the home, the less work you will have keeping it organized. Good chance your pantry needs an overhaul.

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5. Go BIG, Or Go Home

We’re in the process of building our own home office right now. This will be our first formal office and we’re equally inspired by the following spaces. Top priorities for us include: dual work zone, natural light, proper lighting for the evening hours, and ability to close off the space for total privacy. I am also in the mindset of less is more, we have an offsite office so I do not need heavy built in cabinetry for our home.

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Chris Loves Julia
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Homes to Love

We’d love to know what inspires you to work from home this season, share with us below. Or drop us a line if you’re interested in taking your inspiration to the next level.

Katie Kath + Jkath Team

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