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Colombia Service Trip with Wildhive

In February 2020, I will be traveling to Colombia for a dance party + service trip for 9 nights and 10 days with 27 other women. It’s all about promoting positivity and connecting with those around you while dancing + having fun. The founder of Wildhive, Mollie, came up with the idea to combine dance and service for groups of women to participate in. What better way to bring a community together?

Wildhive was started by a dear friend, Mollie, a natural entrepreneur who has a passion for bringing people together and group fitness workouts surrounding dance and positivity. Wildhive’s mission to discover the misfit in you is a great message to all who get caught up and feel complacent in the their daily routines. Wildhive does local pop up events that include 90 minutes of dance and fitness. Many of her events are at local breweries across the Twins Cities. Mollie also has a passion for traveling… everywhere! After starting Wildhive, she created Wildbum, which is basically like an Airbnb service but for travel guides. Not sure what I mean? Check it out here.

Wildbum provides travel guides to thousands of cities internationally. Every guide is curated by a guide architect (basically a professional traveler and passion writer). Wildbum employs over 100+ guide architects that create beautiful and easy travel guides to cities all over.

Mollie decided she needed to bring her two passions together, thus creating Wildhive service trips. Year 1 the group traveled to Guatemala and raised $4,000 to purchase and install water filters & stoves into families homes, which provided them with clean water and safer cooking. Year 2 Wildhive traveled to El Salvador to help with small projects in the local community. The Colombia service trip will be Wildhive’s 3rd international travel + service trip and my first trip with them. Mollie brings along a professional photographer + videographer to document the entire trip. After seeing all the pictures, hearing the amazing stories that happened through connecting with one another and the community, I knew I was on board for Colombia 2020.

For the service portion of our trip, we will be volunteering with La Sierra Artist Residency, a Colombian non-profit organization. We are raising money to build a community center in Santa Marta, Colombia! In order to be able to do this for the community, we need your help to raise the funds needed to complete this. Watch a video here to learn more about the work that La Sierra Artist Residency does.

Building this community center will be a hub of bringing people together and providing education for locals on themes such as environmental education projects, social initiatives, and eco-tourism.

Mollie is doing amazing things with Wildhive and I highly encourage you to check it out! Please consider donating to our service trip. We have a BIG goal, and I know we can do it with your help.

Thank you!

-Katie & the entire Wildhive community

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