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Cabin Stay on Madeline Island

We spent our long MEA weekend on Madeline Island with our family. If you have never been to Madeline Island, it is perfect driving distance from the Twin Cities. Just over four hours to Bayfield, WI and then you hop on the ferry that takes you across a small sliver of Lake Superior over to Madeline Island. The fall foliage is at a perfect color right now, contrasting beautifully with the blue skies. I couldn’t believe the weather we had.

Loading up the ferry! Our kids were amazed that so many cars fit on the ferry. I would love to say we were sans phone service up North but in order to make these long weekends work, we have to sacrifice a few hours each day working remote. It’s not ideal but it works for us! It helps us work more efficiently when we know we have a great view of the lake to get back to. And of course, we have to make sure we capture these wonderful fall moments. It’s also fun to document as we go, allowing you all to come along with us and see what were up to. Thanks for following along this past weekend! Now we’re sharing a few more details about our stay. First up, our amazing experience at our Airbnb.

Our Airbnb Stay

Super impressed with this cabin we picked out. I hope you saw the tour on our IG stories! This place had gorgeous windows that looked out onto the deck (and lake!) The airbnb pictures are always amazing online, but when you get to see the place you picked out online in person, it’s always an exciting feeling. We were overwhelmed with the views this place had. We were right on the shore line, which was perfect for all the fall activities we had planned.

Day Time Activities

Another tip that helps long weekends like this work for us, is traveling with grandparents. Having them spend time with the kids allows us to dive into work for the few hours of the day without worrying what their up to. Or are we more worried? Honestly, it’s always a toss up, but grandpa gave the kids his fishing lecture on Thursday night right when he arrived. It started with a full tour of his tackle box, so it sounded like there was going to be no monkey business when it comes to fishing!

Hiking at Big Bay State Park

I love hiking in the fall. It may not be as warm as summer, but the cool temps help with the long inclines. Not all the trees have turned color, but the ones that have, are golden!

Searching for beach glass on the shoreline of Big Bay State Park

The tide was a bit high (with cold temps!) to really collect beach glass, but we still had a fun time exploring the shoreline after a long hike.

Local Drive

One of my favorite tips to exploring a city is doing a self guided local tour. Of course, make sure to do your research first! When you are trying to familiarize yourself with a new place, it’s always fun seeing the local “down town”. I love driving through and stopping along the way. This was the last weekend for a lot of the local businesses on the island. They have a Fall Fest to celebrate the end of the season and closing of the town. It was such a fun way to spend the day. Funny enough- we ran into my aunt and her husband was playing in the local band! What a great treat for us in this small town. She has lived here for 30 years, she became the tour guide for the weekend.

Cozy night in away from home

What’s vacation without some down time? We love finding ways to relax when were on vacation. A lot of times, it is allowing ourselves a cozy night in. Below is the Kath’s secret recipe to a cozy night in.


I always like to bring this bottle of Adelsheim Pinot Noir from our favorite wine growing region along. We love that it is a sustainable wine of Willamette Valley. While it pairs best with a full meal, that’s not always the case when we enjoy it. When we are enjoying it after dinner for a night in, we love having this with a classic mini charcuterie board. All you need is just a few meats from the local butcher and of course, you can never go wrong with Wisconsin cheese.


Okay yes, we are that couple. We love playing cribbage when we have the time. Extra plus when the Airbnb has an extra for when you forget yours! Hagen and Oats, a local favorite creates some really pretty hand made cribbage boards and other wood pieces. Check them out here.


These are hands down the best slippers. They are so comfy and warm! Sometimes too warm, but I can’t sacrifice the comfiness! They also have a life time warranty in case yours ever need a repair. I have had them for about two years and mine are holding up great.


So you know the Athletas pants I have been living in for day/night/london/travel/work/anytime possible? I decided I absolutely needed another pair of cross functional Athleta pants, so I picked these out. They looked comfortable and have pockets- which I need! They also come in Burgundy and Charcoal.

Other Fall Vacation Necessities

I feel like Jesse and I have been in the car a lot lately. Well, just traveling in general. See what things I always try and pack for Fall Vacations.


These rain boots are perfect for fall when we get those in between rain and snow storms and the ground is wet the next day. The Chelsea style are my favorite because they are easy to slip on and off! Nordstrom Rack is having a huge sale right now!

Red Wing Boots

If I’m not wearing my Hunter boots, I am wearing my Red Wing Classic Moc Boot. Definitely an investment boot, but I have had these for years and they are so durable + will last for many more years. I really only wear them up North or when we go hiking. For me it’s Red Wing, for Jesse it’s ECCO. He wears these for everything. On site, dinner date, up North, you name it. He also has about 5 pairs.

Pom Pom hat

This is one of my favorite fall hats. They are great for fall weather because they are cute + functional and not too sweaty! Tons of colors left in stock. Loving this forest green accessories trend right now.


The classic yellow leather chopper mitten. A must for Minnesotans fighting the cold winters. They are great for fall too because it has two layers! Wool mittens layered with leather mittens. Depending on the temperature that day, wear one or both.

Light Jacket

I am always layering up in the Fall. This layer is a favorite because it’s fashionable and warm. I am clearly on an Athleta kick lately… They have so many pieces at a great price point and I love supporting big brands with a commitment to sustainability. If you are interested in learning more about their sustainability commitment, read more about that here.

We are sad our long weekend had to come to an end. It’s always fun packing up the car with the kids. I hope you enjoyed reading about our family’s adventure up North and the things we brought along.


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