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A Weekend in Palm Springs

We spent a weekend in Palm Springs, California! Invited to Modernism Week, Myself and Katie Miller flew out there a couple weekends ago with a group sponsored by Ferguson and JennAir Appliances. Take a look at our weekend recommendations. Definitely missing walking outside in the desert warmth and sunshine everyday. Both of us have traveled to California prior to this trip, however we were both newbies to Palm Springs. See what our favorites from the weekend were:

Where to Stay in Palm Springs, California

We had a great stay at The Rowan Palm Springs by Kimpton. They have a beautiful lobby, rooftop pool and great overall really great service.

They even have a small dining space called Juniper Table. Just like the rest of the hotel, it is beautifully curated. The food is perfect for small bites and meals, or even just for a cup of coffee and pastry. It has an open layout the leads to outdoor patio seating.

Every morning we would drink coffee in the sun, partly shaded by the palm trees. We loved being centrally located. It allowed us to walk the streets and really get to know the town. Everything was so close, including great places to eat!

Top 5 Places to Eat in Palm Springs, California

We love traveling and exploring new places to eat. All of our dining reservations were pre selected before we got there by our trip planners.

1. The Workshop

One of the best meals I have ever had. We had a selected menu because we were with a big group, so I am not familiar with the full menu they offer. Our dinner was four courses, with three selections from each section served family style. Amazing service through out the whole night, and it ended up being a four hour dinner! Time flies when you are eating great food with great company.

2. The Farm

Amazing atmosphere, it felt like we were transported to a cafe in the South of France and the food was top quality. Located in a strip mall, you walk between buildings and reach the most unexpected luscious patio dining spot. It has trees and flowers sprouting up everywhere. There was even a lemon tree?! All the dairy, eggs and meat are sourced locally and all the food is made fresh to order.

All photos up to this point by Katie Miller.

3. LG Prime Steak House

Traveling and dining in a group is no easy feat. LG took care of us by reserving a room just for our group of 12. Everything you can expect from a classic steak house and more. They prepared the cesar salad and dressing right in front of us. It was so refreshing and the service was awesome. The only photo I have from this night was a picture of an onion ring tree, so I will leave that up to your imagination.

4. Zin American Bistro

The perfect lunch spot. We were able to sit outside with our large group and the service staff were very accommodating and attentive always making sure we had enough appetizers and drinks before our food came out. Our group had everything from brunch to salad to burgers. Everything tasted fresh and they also had a great drink menu.

5. El Patron

A taco place right next to our hotel! Just a walk down the road, our group was found here at least once a day! The perfect snack place in between meals or even late night.

6. Starbucks Reserve

Bonus! So we know you have heard of Starbucks… but have you heard of Starbucks Reserve? Starbucks Reserves are inside selected Starbucks throughout the country. Starbucks Reserve offers additional curated drinks with a long selection of extraordinary small batch beans selected from small farms across the world.

All in all, the drinks are great and you can order something different than your daily go-to.

Hiking near Palm Springs, California

Joshua Tree National Park

A few of us ventured out to Joshua Tree National Park. It was about an hour each way in the car from our hotel in Palm Springs. We went on a Saturday morning and it was not overly crowded at all. You can drive through the park and get out at certain points to hike or just linger around a certain area to take it all in.

This national park is truly spectacular because of the landscape and terrain. You can see for miles; desert, hills, boulders, and so much more. We saw people bouldering and rock climbing at different parts of the park.

Coming back to the harsh reality of Minnesota and its gloomy winter skies has us dreaming of sunshine in the desert! Did we miss your favorite spots in Palm Springs? Share below!

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-Kayla and Jkath Team

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