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Kitchen renovation, reclaimed wood beams, oversized island lighting, quartz backsplash and dark stained wood island.

7 Home Renovations, That Add Major Value

The market may be seeing some changes these days, but home renovations haven’t come to a slow for us at Jkath, continuing to field new inquiries and taking on new design-only clients for the season ahead. While in conversation with many interests on the table, we tend to come back to the key areas that matter in a home renovation, aside from the two big ones of kitchens and primary bathrooms. We’ve rounded up a list of improvements that add major value and are worth consideration.

Foyer with custom radiator cover, Woodlawn blue painted pantry and decorative lighting.

1. Maximize Mudroom Storage

Better mudrooms are a common theme here in the midwest. One minute we’re in shorts and the next thing you know we’re pulling out the rain and cold weather gear. A place to house the various items for the many people in our families has become a necessity. Consult with your local cabinet maker to help maximize storage while adding fun design elements too.

Custom mudroom storage

2. Update Your Lighting

If you missed it, we recently shared a guide on Stylish Alternatives to Boob Lighting. While undergoing any renovation, use this as an opportunity to change out an entire floor, or a whole house of lighting. This can change the mood of any space and don’t forget to consider a few statement pieces for that wow factor when entering any room.

3. Update Your Baseboard Trim

These are the areas that take the most beating in all homes. From vacuums to pets or even kids roughhousing, baseboards can easily get damaged and chip (if painted). In some cases a fresh coat of paint gets the job done, but if you’re living in a 100-year-old house, replacing this element may be the way to go. If replacing, consider a dramatic enhancement by selecting a 7″ or taller option.

Custom baseboard for bathroom

4. Refresh Your Walls With a New Paint Color

Sharing a before and after of our Deephaven Drive project. As you can see a refresh of the wall color breathes new life into this space. As mentioned above, changing out the light fixtures as well was just enough to increase the value and aesthetics in this front foyer.

5. Powder Room Enhancement

In our Princeton Colonial renovation, we sought to achieve period-specific design elements with an original-looking marble tile floor, a console sink with exposed metal legs, paired with a modern twist, and pattern-friendly wallpaper. Powder rooms are our favorite spaces to design, they always pack a good punch while pushing the design envelope in a small space.

Black and white wallpaper with console sink and period specific floor tile.

6. Install a New Front Door

While not as sexy as new paint, or lighting, a new front door enhances your entire curb appeal. Many homes still have full coverage doors with minimal glass, usually near the top for little natural light. We prefer to use a full glass option, or even a partial glass to let as much light in as possible, making your home feel larger and full of light. Therma-Tru Doors is our go-to for inspiration, give them a follow on Instagram.

Double black front door, full glass coverage.

7. Refresh Your Outdoor Space

In a recent post, we shared tips for a Better Backyard. Easy updates with a few new pieces of furniture or hiring a landscape team to create the backyard of your dreams will be investments that will last many years. A few of our outdoor go-to’s are Room and Board, Pottery Barn or This is McGuire if you can swing the luxe budget. Secondly, make your outdoor plan early, order ahead, and be prepared for your favorite items to be sold out by the 4th of July.

Outdoor patio furniture, paver patio, screen porch.

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