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5 Tips to Styling Your Coffee Table

Have you ever visited a home with the perfect, beautifully styled coffee tables and wondered why your own table looks much more lived in with stacks of newspapers and magazines? You’re not alone, and today we’re sharing 5 easy ways to elevate your coffee table.

Tray or Basket for Texture

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Start with a tray or basket. This way you can place your decorative objects within the tray or basket, but everything still looks neat and clutter-free. It’s like controlled clutter plus we all need a place to stash our remotes.

Add Height to Your Coffee Table

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2. Think about height as a key element. It is appealing to the eye to have variations in height and sizes. Think of decorating in tiers: the base tier is your tray and books, the middle tier is your decorative items like a candle or maybe a cool crystal, and your top tier is a vase with a plant. Or maybe your plant is in the middle tier in a short vase, and you use the top tier for tall candlesticks and an empty taller vase.

Add Geometric Shapes for Interest

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Make a statement with shape. You can make a statement with the same shape but different heights or all different shapes. Both options are equally as good. This just depends on personal preference.

Use Several Items, Add Layers

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It will depend on the size of your coffee table but as a rule of thumb 3 or 4 pieces works well. A stack of books count as one piece and can be layered with a fresh or faux plant, candles or coasters. Don’t overdue it, leave some space on the table so it doesn’t feel too busy. You also want the table to be practical, making sure there is enough room to put a wine glass down or accommodate family games.

Tying Into The Rest of Your Space

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Make sure your accessories tie in with the rest of the room. Decorate your coffee table last. Remeber plants or fresh floral go a long way. Nothing is more interesting close up than items from nature. Consider any elements from nature, driftwood, oversized shells are also easy ways to add interest to your space.

You will have to play with the placement of your items. Start within the tray/basket and go from there. Have fun and don’t over think it.

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