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2017 Trends We Are Excited About

It’s a new year, this means new goals for many of us. New resolutions, work flows, commitments, relationships, and for some.. a new space. Did you know we spend an average of 93% of our time indoors.. eek! Regardless of season, it’s a fact, we love our interior spaces. It only feels natural we continue to desire the latest trends, design and sometimes just a new view. So if a renovation is in your plans, read on as we lay out the latest trends we are seeing on the horizon this year.

1. Bright + Light

White accents are here to stay. We love the simplicity of this design. It feels fresh and clean, an organic work space if you will. It aligns with many of our other 2017 goals, eat clean, keep things organized and simple. This trend allows for a pop of color, the painted Chelsea Gray island from Benjamin Moore as shown, or often we see color in the accessories.. or truthfully the cereal boxes we always leave out add character too.

2. Custom Craftsmanship

The details do not lie. We work tirelessly in our cabinet shop to create and build hand crafted cabinets for all of our clients. The inset cabinets shown here are top design, made with durability and a professional finish to hold up for years to come. (Painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove). With the current inspiration coming from social resources like instagram, clients are looking to more and more local talent for customization. Small businesses rule in this platform, it’s a bandwagon worth getting on and a cause we can all support. It lends itself to more creativity, uniqueness and at the end of the day.. a fantastic instagramable product.

3. Mixed Metals

Bye bye matchy matchy. Gone are the days of the green Girbaud denim, matching hunter green socks and green scrunchy. We actually want it to feel more eclectic. It’s ok to have brass hardware and an oil rubbed bronze faucet. Your light fixtures do not have to match your hardware. They can be glass, maybe a brushed nickel to match your appliances or a wood finish. The point, have fun with your metals. They come in so many different finishes, don’t stress out about how they will look together. Find something you love and build around it.

3. Geometric Shapes

We might be obsessed with this hex floor tile. It’s simple, large and overstated. This is a fun way to add character to your newly updated kitchen. We are also seeing geo shapes in tile backsplashes. Those tired of basic subway tile are trading in for a hexagon tile, maybe a round penny tile, or a marble arabesque tile. If you’re sticking to a neutral color, mix it up with a funky shape. Also, you can incorporate texture in your grout selection. That’s an entirely new blog, but don’t be afraid to be bold, go dark with your grout.. the end result lets your backsplash stand out.

5. Oversized Light Fixtures

The Pottery Barn classic flushmount shown here was such a creative way to bring this room together. A bright room shows off all of the playful details and effort you put into it, why not? It’s not just flushmounts friends. Pendant lights over an island are going BIG. We used to always put in 3 lights over the island, someone once told us odd numbers are better. Consider doing 2, but opting for the larger dimensions. This can save money as well, slightly more money per fixture, but less overall. I always tell our clients to think about lighting early on in the renovation process, while not the most expensive piece, it lends itself to the most beautiful finish to your new room.

All images by Chelsie Lopez Productions.

Cheers to a new year and a new space!


Katie + Jesse



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