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Meet our Team

Oh my, ok we seriously took the summer off from writing. For very good reasons, I promise. Aside from recently getting hitched, blending our families, moving the girls school to be with our son Charlie, all while the business is booming … we’re hustling. The good hustle.

This summer we’ve been introducing our team on instagram. If you’re not following us there, you should. We never put that baby to rest, always posting recent updates and inspiration.

What we haven’t taken the time to do is properly introduce ourselves. As I mentioned, we were recently married in May, so I thought this would be a fun platform to recap the epic event that it was and so many of the amazing people that have contributed to our story. And we wouldn’t be able to create this post without the talented am photography documenting every detail.

Pre wedding gathering, some of our besties joined us for a toast, and a smooch. (eww!)

Last minute I called a yellow taxi, it felt appropriate. We needed a taxi to drive us to the ceremony. Hands down one of my favorite moments, impromptu ride alone and photo op.

Our kids, and this picture sums them up. Sienna (10), Charlie (7) and Lyla (8). We’re the lucky ones.

Saakje (sounds like Sasha) and her plus one Jake, they manage the above mentioned kids. Saakje was our summer nanny, off to college in the big apple.. we already miss her! Our summer hustle was possible only because of her. (these two.. to be 18 again)

These girls .. Morgan on the left owns construction2style with her hubby and Chelsie on the right owns Chelsie Lopez Productions. Both have collaborated with Jkath and make us look so good! They also know how to have a good time, and they were two of our last guests in the building.

Two of our favorite guys. Josh was on board early in the Jkath days, made many client projects memorable and worked tirelessly for Jesse and his team. Alex, on the right, is our everything tile and flooring guy. Best in the business! And behind every guy, stands a good woman.. Stephanie Risberg and Anna Timkin.

Thank you to friends that take a chance. Below are several gals that believed in our brand and have graciously allowed us to tear apart their home and made it into their dream space. We have a representation of a kitchen remodel, lake house renovation and whole house build among this group.

Our girls are fluent in Spanish, and Guadalupe is the reason for this. She took the girls on as infants and raised them speaking only Spanish to them. They went to a Spanish Immersion school to continue their studies in Spanish. Now when we get together, I usually smile and nod as the girls and Guadalupe carry on. We are blessed to have both Guadalupe and Joaquin in our lives and they mean the world to Sienna and Lyla.

Two of Jesse’s biggest fans, Grandpa Randy and long time best friend Ken Mosby. We were honored to have Ken marry us. We all joked it may feel like Ken and Jesse’s wedding… I would say Ken nailed it with his usual jabs at Jesse, jokes to the audience and sincere comments welcoming me. When it comes to Grandpa Randy, there wouldn’t be a Jkath without him believing in Jesse every step of the way. Nowadays we find Randy on location as our lead volunteer.

Since we’re on the topic of family, my big brother and sister came out to have a fun night. Thankful for my family and the close bonds we have.

Just a few more shenanigans from the night…

In the end.. we lived happily ever after.

Venue: Icehouse, Minneapolis

We’re back at it and looking forward to sharing some recent projects with you, stay tuned.


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