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Create a Chef Worthy Kitchen

We all secretly wish we could cook like Rudolph van Veen and Jamie Oliver, do we not? Okay, maybe not all of us have haute cuisine ambitions, but a kitchen remodel worthy of a maitre chef would not go amiss in any home. A deluxe kitchen update can considerably increase your home’s functionality, interest, and value, and even a partial makeover will pay off more than most other home improvement projects if you are planning to sell your property any time soon. But how do you start overhauling the kitchen, and which components provide the biggest bang for your buck? Here is the shorthand of chef-worthy kitchen remodel – feel free to steal some ideas and use them to take your kitchen from grimy to gastronome.

1. Know your kitchen potential – and its limitations

Before you purchase a single item for your chef-grade kitchen, pause to reflect on the layout, budget, your day-to-day culinary needs, and space potentials and limitations. In case you are not 100% sure how to prioritize the elements and which direction to take in the remodel, you can contact professional kitchen designers, and discuss upgrade ideas, duration of works, and other details with the distinguished experts to get a clear image of the total project cost and best manner to execute it.

2. Sweat the big stuff first, tackle details later

Kitchen islands, layout reworking, plumbing updates, and flooring replacement are money well-spent if the existing floor plan and other vital components are outdated or in bad shape. These projects are also the first point on the makeover list for realtors flipping houses for increased property marketability. Still, be very careful when making the decision about extensive updates: ask yourself whether you truly need the kitchen peninsula or whether you would just like to have it for impressions’ sake. The same goes for plumbing, layout, and flooring tweaks – these updates come with a high price tag, so do not go in wielding power drills and sledgehammers unless you really need (and can afford) the upgrade.

3. Distinguish between splurge-worthy updates and mere glitz

As a general rule, most homeowners want their kitchen to have all the fancy gear TV chefs have on hand on filming sets. Unfortunately, all that glitters is not always a good deal in kitchen remodel endeavors, so plan your budget based on function and value of individual units rather than their aesthetic appeal. Splurge-worthy kitchen upgrades include energy efficient stainless steel appliances, induction ranges, high-end dishwashers, premium quality cabinetry, storage space expansion, lighting updates, and luxe hardware.

4. Pinch and scrape on minor elements and trimmings

A complete kitchen overhaul can set you back more than you originally bargained for, but you can avoid the financial pitfall by saving extra cash on less important cooking area elements. Here are some of the biggest money-savers in chef-worthy kitchen remodels.• Countertops – granite has an everlasting appeal and it is also more affordable than currently trendy white marble;• Backsplash – opt for quartz, frosted glass, tiles, or mosaic, as these are a byword for lasting style;• Flooring – use porcelain tiles in neutral or concrete colors, or deck the floors with hardwood for a touch of rustic elegance;• Extras and fine trims – sink, faucets, and garbage disposal need to be functional, and they have a relatively short lifespan, so do not splash out on cool-looking low-quality add-ons because they add little to overall property value.

Other convenient aspects to consider when executing a chef-grade kitchen remodel include use of sustainable designs and environmentally friendly features. Property eco-flips are extremely popular nowadays, and there is no reason why you should not start the green home shift in your cooking area. All set? Good luck, and let us know how you like the new pro-chef look of your kitchen!

author: zoe clark, blogger from smoothdecorator.com

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